Vert Company is firmly committed to manufacturing in a manner that is fair and sustainable to all stakeholders. We see it as a moral imperative to ensure we challenge conventional, unsustainable production practices and lead the industry with our clear and level-headed approach.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability is arguably the most vital cornerstone to the development of any industry and we make a particular emphasis on attracting clients that prefer sustainability, partnership, reliability and quality over quantity and price.

Environmental sustainability

We aim to continually review and reduce the environmental impacts of our business and to encourage our customers, staff and suppliers to do the same. Our target is to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing carbon emissions, consumption of resources, production of waste and use energy efficient production. Vert is committed to work solely with ISO14000 certified material manufacturers, which ensures that such parties are operating based on a family of standards related to environmental management.

Vert uses BEPI (Business Environmental Performance Initiative) to support training its staff and monitoring its performance. That way we can provide our clients with transparent improvement plan.

Social sustainability

Our intention is to create a pleasant and happy workplace. To ensure that we meet our own exacting standards, we always strive to exceed any minimum protections or benefits that are provided for Vietnamese workers under local law. Furthermore, we have implemented SA8000 and BSCI as the cornerstone of our social and management practice and to ensure recorded accountability.

We strongly believe that having a well trained, fairly paid workforce is not only a moral imperative, but is also the best way to ensure a quality finished product.