Vu Thi Sen

Vu Thi Sen was born in 1985, she got married when she was 23 and has a four year old boy.

Her life has not been an easy one. Her family lives with her mother-in-law who is very old. Her father-in-law was a soldier who fought in the Battle of Quang Tri. What makes her life even harder is that her husband is a victim of Agent Orange and can no longer work or even take care of basic household tasks.

Vert’s CSR efforts are not only aimed at giving workers a higher wage and social insurance, they strive to give workers a better life. Sen is a perfect example. For her, family is most important, and time is her most valuable asset.
She moved to Vert for many reasons, but one of the most important was that the factory is only 1.5km away from her home. This has allowed her to cut down on travel time and cost.

Giap Van Thuong

“I’m a person with disabilities, but I’m very proud and happy to be a part of the Vert team”.

When Giap Van Thuong was a young boy he lost his leg in an accident. Now 25 years old, he lives in his parents’ house about 1.5km from the Vert factory where he currently works. Although life has handed Thuong some tough breaks, he considers himself very lucky, and rather than bemoan the things he cannot change, he focuses instead on appreciating the things he does have.

“I feel very free, and I’m happy to be working here. The management team and my colleagues don’t make me feel any different because of my disability.”

Nguyen Thi Thu

Nguyen Thi Thu is a wife, a mother, and a warehouse manager, so striking a balance between her job and her family is always a chief concern. Working at Vert has increased the amount of time that Thu has available to spend with her family.

When asked if she considers Vert to be a family-orientated workplace, she replied, “Our children are looked after here. In fact, they receive gifts for the moon festival and for international children’s day.”